That's Why Women Are Better Than Men

That's Why Women Are Better Than Men

1. Longer Life Span :
It is statistically proven that the majority of women live longer than men. Some of this is because of workplace accidents but a good deal of it has to do with illnesses. Women just tend to get sick less and have longer life spans.

2. They Can Hug Each Other :
Women are socially allowed to hug their girlfriend’s in public without worrying about what people think. It’s no big deal for women to express affection to each other and they can be open about their feelings without it seeming weird Not like men .

3. Women Can Cry At Any Time And Place:
 When men cry sometimes they are seen as weaker or less manly. This is not the case for women; crying is not inherently weak.  This let’s out emotions and keeps a woman healthy .And women are socially allowed to cry in public and in private. Women have been expected to express their emotions than men

4. Make up :
 Women have the ability to use makeup and different hairstyles to enhance their look, and it really makes a difference. With modern makeup inventions like contour kits, they can transform their look on top of their regular one.  Makeup is a huge part of life, and finding the right brand that goes well with your skin tone and complexion is very important.

5. Fashion  :
When it comes to fashion women definitely have the upper hand. Men generally can’t wear skirts unless it’s a kilt, and even then sometimes it’s not allowed. Women have access to much more fashion choices and can exercise it with great discretion.

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