The Best Jobs You Can Do While Traveling

- January 05, 2019

Do you wish you could travel more?
If you love traveling as much as I do, but can’t afford to completely quit working, you’re in luck.

The Best Jobs You Can Do While Traveling

There are actually many different travel job opportunities to make money traveling the world.
Whether it’s seeking opportunities to trade work for accommodation, landing a location independent job that gives you the freedom to travel abroad, or long-term careers that require travel — you have options.

Here’s Some fantastic jobs you can do while traveling to make money :

Travel Blogging

The Best Jobs You Can Do While Traveling

Making money as a blogger while traveling the world is a dream job for many. But like most things in life, it’s hardly simple. Earning a living with a travel blog is hard work — and can take a few years.

Social Media Marketing

The Best Jobs You Can Do While Traveling

If you spent a lot of your days on different social media sites, why not use it to make money? In fact, companies are having a hard time keeping their social media accounts up to date and creating interesting content.
Take over and earn money by managing their accounts. This digital nomad job requires minimal technical knowledge and can be done from anywhere.

Online Translation Jobs

The Best Jobs You Can Do While Traveling

Obviously, you need to know a second language to be a freelance language translator. But if that’s you, there are all kinds of companies out there who need translations done for websites, product manuals, books, and more.
Travel photography Jobs

The Best Jobs You Can Do While Traveling

Becoming a professional travel or adventure photographer selling your images from around the world is a dream job, but takes a lot of work too. You can upload photos in bulk to micro-stock sites or sell images to clients directly for use in magazines, books, brand campaigns, or websites.

Drop Shipping 

The Best Jobs You Can Do While Traveling

It has a few names and variations, but buying or manufacturing products overseas and selling through Amazon under your own brand is an increasingly common way to make money while traveling.
Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) means you don’t need an actual storefront location because inventory is stocked at Amazon’s network of fulfillment centers around the world.


The Best Jobs You Can Do While Traveling

Getting paid to travel making videos is another dream job, and some people make a very good living with it. There are a few different paths too — shooting and selling stock footage, becoming a popular YouTuber, or producing highly polished marketing films for tourism boards & travel brands.

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