The Fast Ways To Make Your Feet Soft and remove Calluses

- April 09, 2019

The Fast Ways To Make Your Feet Soft and remove Calluses

If you are looking for the fast ways to make your feet soft then you are in the right place.

First Thing Calluses are pieces of thick skin made by friction and they can be a literal pain. They often happen on hands and feet and, while normally harmless, can grow infected if not treated. While doctors can treat calluses with specialty shavers, acids, or a pumice stone, there are also home solutions people have used to treat calluses using simple objects located in Your house.

here are some of the many home remedies that people have used over the years to treat their calluses and soften their skin :

Baking Soda :

remove Calluses

Adding baking soda to a foot bath can help heal calluses, but there is a less messy method. Mix baking soda with water to make a paste and use it to your calluses daily until they treat

Use aloe :

remove Calluses

You can use also an aloe leaf or pure aloe gel.
Use the fleshy part of the plant or the gel to the callus and cover with a bandage. The callus should now be soft enough to file down.

Aspirin :

remove Calluses

Crush between 3 and 5 tablets of aspirin and mix the powder with lemon juice and water. Make a paste that can be placed on the callus. 
If you are a diabetic or have an allergy to aspirin do not use this method.

Tea :

remove Calluses

Warm tea also great for your skin. When soaking your calluses, mix chamomile tea or tea tree oil into the water. This will help dry out your skin.

Wear socks with special creams :

remove Calluses

Exfoliating creams or lotions can help treat calluses. And Wearing socks or gloves after applying the creams can help seal in moisture for the callus on your feet or hands.

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