6 Bizarre Fashion Trends [ Especially the last one ]

Fashion is a relevant term. It is based on peoples’ personal preferences. And Fashion is observed everywhere in the world according to the area’s culture, climate, and traditions.
Cleopatra was one of the first fashion icons of the world and her style sense is still talked about. She introduced nail polishes with the pulp of fruits, the big dark lined eyes and the ornate jewelry that she adorned at all times.

There have some fashion trends that you just can’t seem to understand. Fashion designers like to bring out their creativity on the runway and we get that but sometimes they just go way over the top. They forget what would look nice or not and just create anything possible. 
There have been fashion shows where models have worn dresses made out of hair, condoms and one designer attached real humans together in weird ways to make a statement. What are you trying to convey? 
Here is a list of the 6 *bizarre* fashion trends :

*WARNING*This article does contain some interesting Facts.

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