6 Interesting Tips To Understand Your Baby’s Body Language

6 Interesting Tips To Understand Your Baby’s Body Language

As a parent, You might want to understand what your baby is trying to tell? Right. So keep reading.

Reading Baby body language can tell you a lot about a baby’s mood and her feelings. For that, it is important for every parent to be able to read the baby’s body language. When your baby is a few months old, understanding infant body language isn’t that difficult.

So here, we list some baby body language keys to help you understand:

1. Kicking Legs:

If you see your baby doing so, then it means that Your baby is happy and having a great time. Leg kicking is your baby’s way of expressing her happiness. Mostly babies kick their legs when they are in a bathtub or while you are playing with them.

2.Grabbing Ears

Many parents jump to that conclusion, but most of the time your baby has just realized that she has ears.
So if your Baby grabbing her ears is her way to express her joy of discovering her ears. Also, your baby may pull her ears when she is teething. If your baby cries and grabs her ears, then she might be suffering from an ear infection.

3. Kicking and Breathing Quickly

Just as we adults want to do something when excited, babies kick and breath fast when they are too excited.  It can be due to something or someone that she has seen or a result of being able to do something that she wants to do.
So if On seeing your baby excited. Play with her and respond to her back with equal enthusiasm.

4.Sucking Fingers

Finger or fist sucking by a baby may often be interpreted as the baby is hungry, but it may not always be so.
If your baby’s not hungry, it could also mean that your baby is trying to soothe herself in order before dozing off.

5. Startling

This can mean that she got startled by some loud noise or something which disturbed her sleep.
So Try to block all the outside noise.and also Making your baby sleep with some noise in the room like keeping the television or radio volume normal or talking over the phone may get her used to it.

6.Arching Her Back

If a baby does so in the middle of a feed, it may mean that she does not want to be fed any longer. It could also mean that the baby has colic or suffers from digestive disorders like GERD or acid reflux. Another very common reason for arching their backs by older infants is when they are frustrated, angry or tired.
At times, babies suffering from Autism, Rumination disorder or Kernicterus are also seen arching their backs.

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