Airport staff members share spicy details from their job

Airport workers are the ones tasked with the unenviable task of dealing with the general public when it’s at its most stressed – before, during, or after air travel. And they have to do all of that with a smile to boot. Millions of people travel through airports across the world each year.
And the passengers simply board, kickback (or panic) and let the world fly by as we cruise towards our destination.
But what about the people that do it day-in-day-out? What about the guys and gals to whom, flying halfway around the world and then back again seems as simple as a trip to the local store? That’s right, the flight attendants and other airport workers. We’ve got a lot to thank the airport staff for working so hard on making our experiences as smooth as possible. But their lives and their jobs are not easy, and these aspects shared by airport staff might explain some of the questions passengers would have liked to ask them.

*WARNING*This article does contain some interesting Facts.

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