10 Amazing Aluminum Foil Hacks That Almost Nobody Knows About

10 Amazing Aluminum Foil Hacks

Even if your idea of cooking falls well short of professional, you still probably use aluminum foil fairly routinely. 
Whether you name it tin foil or Aluminum foil, this common household thing can be used for much more than just Packaging and cooking food.

From now, a roll of this material will make your life so much easier!

Here are some of the top uses for foil that you shouldn’t ignore any longer :

Protect Your Garden Harvest :
Pests love to munch on your garden plants, but spraying them down with chemicals isn’t fun. Instead, try protecting your plants with foil. It’s an effective deterrent to all kinds of bacteria, insects, and more. Plus, the foil will help your plants get some extra sunlight.

Remove Rust From Chrome :
Aluminum foil can be used as a rust-remover. Crumple it up into a ball and use it to rub off rust spots.

Boost Wifi :
If you notice your connection weak or slow, try boosting it with a little aluminum foil. Wrap a piece of cardboard in foil, and then put the flap around the back where the cords plugin. The cardboard will provide some sturdiness to the foil sheet, and then the foil will help boost your WiFi signal.

Move Furniture Without Scratching the Floor :
If you’ve got hardwood in your home, you might be reluctant to move furniture out of fear of scratching your beautiful floors.
Put aluminum foil to use! A layer of foil underneath the legs will help your furniture slide easily and protect your floor.

Save Bananas Fresh Longer :
It’s expected for bananas to brown over time, but by covering the stem end of the fruit in aluminum foil, it will slow the browning process.

Get Your ironing Done Quicker :
Not many people enjoy ironing. But you can get the job done quicker by putting a sheet of aluminum foil shiny side up on your ironing board underneath the cover. The foil will reflect heat back up and help you to essentially iron clothing from both sides at once.

Sharpen Your Scissors :
If you mention your scissors are getting a little dull, aluminum foil can be used for fast and easy sharpening. Fold a sheet of foil a few times and then just cut through it several times to help sharpen the blades.

Turn AAA Batteries into AA Batteries : 
Most pieces of electronics need AA batteries, but if you only have AAA batteries lying around, you can convert them! Try placing a small bit of foil at the positive ends before inserting them into your equipment.

Clean Silverware : 
Rusted silverware is never a good thing. Placing them in an aluminum foil-lined tray and adding baking soda, salt, and boiling-hot water to it should help eliminate the unsightly stuff.

Clean The Grill :
Cooking food on the grill makes everything taste better. However, those amazing grill lines come at a price: left-behind bits of food that get stuck on the grate. Don’t worry, though, you can clean it with ease — all you need is some aluminum foil and a little elbow grease. The crumpled up foil will scrap all the lingering food bits in a matter of seconds. It’ll work better if the grill is still warm. 

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