5 Tips For Taking Better Pet Photos

5 Tips For Taking Better Pet Photos

Pets are wonderful subjects for taking photos of and sharing with loved ones or on social media.

5 Tips For Taking Better Pet Photos

If you have a pet, if you’re anything like me, you love taking photos of them. But, have you noticed it can be a little difficult to get a good picture of a cat who wants nothing to do with these impromptu photo shoots?

Using a professional pet photographer to capture your loved pet is always a great idea! But, what about the day-to-day photography you capture yourself? 

Here are five tips for taking better photographs with a simple Smartphone camera : 

Focus On The Eyes

This is something that can actually boost your pet photography. Focusing on the pet’s eyes. This is where a lot of the character will come out plus it draws the viewer's eyes in immediately to the pet. If you have a camera then you could practice also with aperture mode. 

Be Patient

You may lose your patience while taking pictures of pets so be patient. You’ll need to take a lot of shots and pick the best ones when you’re finished. Still, don’t forget to analyze them during the shoot. You don’t want to spend a few hours fiddling with props, camera settings, and stuffing your pets with treats just to realize in the end that most of the photos are blurry.

Place Them Someplace Unexpected

To get some really enjoyable and different kinds of shots, try putting your pet in unique places you usually wouldn’t find them, like in a box, on the table, in the sink, or on a modern chair. Seeing something out of its element often makes for a more unique and interesting image.
And don't forget to  make sure they are always safe and supervised

Bribe Her

When taking pictures of pets, don't be above bribery to get a good pic. If she responds to treats, toss your pet a few nibbles to get her onto her climbing tree. Throw a toy into the air to get an aerial action shot of her jumping. Some pets aren't interested in treats (yes, it's true), so you can try catnip. A double whammy of catnip on her favorite toy will produce wonderful footage for photos or video, but be careful not to encourage unsafe moves.

Get Their Attention

If you want to make your pet make eye contact with the camera, you need to get their attention. Of course, the way you’re gonna do it depends on your pet. For some of them, tapping onto the lens hood is enough to make them look your way. For the others, you should wave their favorite toy or snap your fingers right above the lens. 

So, do you have any other tips for photographing pets? Feel free to drop them down in the comments below. 


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