These Celebrities Lost So Much Weight !!

 These Celebrities Lost So Much Weight !! 

These Celebrities Lost So Much Weight !! See Who Did It Naturally And Who Had To Go Under The Knife :

Melissa Rauch – Surgery

The name of Melissa Rauch can force many men around the world to skip a heartbeat. She has been a phenomenon ever since she stepped into the show business and floored us with her performance of Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz in the iconic television show, The Big Bang Theory.

Melissa’s portrayal gave her career a new dimension altogether and earned her a huge fan base, aside from a hefty bank account. Besides that, she also got a nomination for the Best Supporting Actress category for a Critics’ Choice Television Award. Melissa is 40 right now and is enjoying her 13-year-old marriage with Winston.

She is looking more confident these days, and the glow on her face has increased manifold. Melissa has recently gone through a weight loss and is looking more glamorous these days than she used to be. We have no doubts in accepting we are her die-hard fans.

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