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10 Interesting Facts About BMW

10 Interesting Facts About BMW

Here are 10 facts about BMW we think you’ll appreciate :

1. The BMW badge was derived from the flag of Bavaria, the home of BMW. Blue and White are the colors of the Bavarian national flag.

2. BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works or Bayerische Motoren Werke in German

3. BMW was not a car manufacturer in its initial years. The German motoring icon used to make airplane propellers.

4. The design of the BMW Headquarters building is identical to that of a four-cylinder engine. The design is a typical example of BMWs four-cylinder engine heritage. How cool is that?

5. BMW has been making electric cars for over 40 years now. BMWs first electric car called the 1602 debuted at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

6. BMW also owns MINI and Rolls-Royce

7. In 2016, BMW delivered a total of 2,367,603 vehicles worldwide, achieving their sixth consecutive all-time sales high and remains the world’s leading premium car company.

8. The 1955 BMW Isetta has only one door. The steering wheel and instrument panel swung out with the single door, as this made access to the single bench seat simpler.

9. In 1959 BMW was near bankruptcy due to factors of Cold War. Mercedes’ parent company Daimler-Benz mounted a hostile takeover attempt.

10. BMW designs more than just cars. They also design plane and train interiors.

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