Airport staff members share spicy details from their job (Page2)

The Thing About Phones

First, the whole thing about technical malfunction is actually a myth.
But, phones can mess with radio signals and effect static, making it hard for the pilot to hear important information from the dispatcher. So please, just close them off. You’ll survive the short amount of time without them. Flight attendants actually do ignore this rule quite often, though.

Get Your Bag First

If you check your bag into the plane’s hold, you could be waiting for what feels like an hour at the carousel to get your luggage back. There is a trick to make sure you can ensure your baggage is some of the first off the plane, though…
It just requires being a little sneaky. The later you check your bag in, the earlier it will come off the plane. Checking it in later means you can be the first out of the airport and into the line for a taxi.

Not Knowing Everything

One worker confessed that they are not the oracle of the airport, and they wished people would stop thinking they were. Just because someone works in an airport doesn’t mean they know how it all works and where everything is.

Don't Call Too Often

Dinging the bell to get the flight attendant to come to you is a contentious issue when you’re up in the air. Pressing it once is all that’s required, but some people expect their flight attendant to appear like some sort of genie to grant their wishes.

Wasting Food

With so many passengers passing through airports each and every day, there are a lot of hungry mouths to feed. Some airports offer a buffet, which means making a lot of food.
A staff member anonymously explained that there is a ton of waste in that situation that could go to feeding hungry people in the cities that the airports are based on. However, because it’s the law, they can’t just give that food away and have to throw it in the trash.

What ‘Fragile’ Sign?

They haven’t earned the nickname of ‘throwers’ without reason. Have you ever been traveling by plane and found your suitcase has been damaged? The likelihood is that it has been mishandled by a baggage handler.

Little Chance Of Being Starstruck

Many airports now have special entrances for the world’s rich and famous, so they don’t have to mix with the rest of us plebs. This is why you won’t often see a celebrity just chilling in the departure lounge – they have their own.

The Secrets Of Air Traffic Control

Many people will be aware that air traffic controllers aim to keep the planes in their airspace safely far enough away from other planes. What many people might not know is that these people also control more than just the planes in the sky.
They will control where they go when on the ground and are tasked with coordinating the lighting on the runways. One air traffic controller will have around five monitors to contend with and looks at things like weather conditions and lots of information about the planes.

Ignore The Board

One of the first things you might notice when you get to the departure lounge of an airport is the flight information board. People seem to stand there for ages at a time waiting for the latest developments on their flights.
Did you know that you can just go and find a seat and not bother looking at the boards at all? You can just download a flight board app on your phone and keep up to date with the latest information from the comfort of your seat.

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