Big Bang Theory: Who are the biggest guest stars to ever appear in the series? (Page2)

Here are 5 of the biggest stars to cameo on Big Bang over the years :

Octavia Spencer

Another season two guest star came in the form of Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer.
She played a moody DMV receptionist who failed to see the funny side of Sheldon trying to pass his driving test.
Similar to Sheen, Spencer’s cameo was hilarious albeit a bit too brief for some fans.
The actor’s career skyrocketed after her Big Bang guest appearance, landing roles in The Help, Hidden Figures and The Shape of Water.

Charlie Sheen

Golden Globe-winner Charlie Sheen made a very brief appearance in Big Bang.
During the second season of the sitcom, Raj (Kunal Nayyar) got the call from People Magazine for an interview.
Raj’s ego inflated beyond what his friends could find tolerable, which ended up with them abandoning him in a bar.
He then tried to tell another patron, who just so happened to be Charlie Sheen.
The actor played himself after previously working with Big Bang creator Chuck Lorre and Billy Prady on Two and a Half Men.

Stan Lee

Where else is there to start when it comes to cameo appearances than Stan Lee?
The late Marvel hero, who sadly passed away in 2018, was one of Sheldon and Leonard’s best-loved writers for his work on the comic-books.
Lee was also renowned for popping up unexpectedly in a number of Marvel films.
In season three, episode 16, The Excelsior Acquisition, he starred as himself when Sheldon and Penny arrived at his door for an autograph.

Steven Yeun

Arguably one of the biggest stars whose cameo went under the radar was The Walking Dead legend, Steven Yeun.
Before landing the role of Glenn on the AMC and Fox horror series, Yeun made an appearance in Big Bang.
He played Sebastian in season three episode The Staircase Implementation.
Sebastian is leaving the apartment block in a flashback scene from when Leonard first moved in with Sheldon.
Yen’s character hilariously tells Leonard to “run” from Sheldon.

Billy Bob Thornton

Another Oscar-winner to join the cast for just the one appearance was Billy Bob Thornton.
He took on the role of Dr. Lorvis in season eight episode The Misinterpretation Agitation.
Dr. Lorvis had a huge crush on Penny, then Amy (Mayim Bialik), then any female that would show him attention.
Thornton has an incredible CV with films like Armageddon, Sling Blade and A Simple Plan included.


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