10 answers to the most uncomfortable pregnancy questions you were too embarrassed to ask (Page2)

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When your waters break, the bag of membranes that protects your baby tears, causing the amniotic fluid around the baby to leak from your vagina. It can be a trickle or a gush, and is different for every mum. If it happens in public, it may be embarrassing but nothing to worry about. If it happens, call your midwife, who can advise on whether to head to the hospital.

6.Can my baby feel it when we have sex?
No, your baby won't have a clue what's going on so no need to worry about that. Unless you’ve been advised otherwise, it's perfectly safe to have sex when you’re pregnant.

7. Will I poop when I give birth?
Giving birth is not a spectator sport. Everyone in the room, while you’re giving birth, is there to support you (or don’t let them be there!) so don’t worry about pooping. It can happen if your bowel is full.

8. Will my vagina get stretched out?
The simple answer is no. The longer answer is–not the way you think.
Your vagina is made to stretch, then contract. It has muscle memory so don’t worry about this. You can do Kegel exercises if you would like to strengthen your muscles down there.

9. Is it okay to have so much gas and indigestion?
This is normal. Coupled with your hormonal changes, your growing baby is pushing on your bowels and intestines making digestion harder than normal. It’s okay.

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