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Funny And Interesting Facts About Vin Diesel

Funny And Interesting Facts About Vin Diesel  

Here are awesome facts about Vin Diesel :

vin is A Twin 

his fraternal twin brother is named paul he works behind the cameras as a producer. The two also have another brother. Tim and a sister Samantha 

Vin Diesel's Real Name is Nowhere Near As Cool As His Stage Name 

he was born Mark Sinclair he added vincent as his last name after he was adopted by his stepfather Irving H.vincent 

His Acting Career Started By Accident 

Vin's Stage debut came after he, his brother, and some friends tried to break into a theater in Greenwich village to vandalize it. The theater's artistic director caught the kids and offered them roles in an upcoming children's production instead of calling the police 

People Told Him To Lose Muscles 

while he was trying to get roles early on his career, he often heard film execs tell him that his body was distracting and wouldn't help him land roles 

He Wrote, Produced, Directed, And Starred in His Film At 26 

Multi-facial took three days to shoot and cost just 3000 it was released in 1994 and made it to the Cannes film festival the following year

He Works A Side Job As A Telemarketer 

the skill came in handy later on when he raised 50.000 for his first full-length film, Strays.strays made it to 1997 sundance festival which led to an MTV deal to turn in into series 

His Highest Rated Film is Iron Giant 

he voiced the title character in the 1999 animated film and it remains his highest rated performance to this day 

Vin Owns His Own Video Game Studio 

he founded tigon studios in 2002. in 2004 they released the chronicles of Riddick Escape from butcher bay, based on the character  Riddick from his 200 film pitch black 

He May Not Have Any Tattoos 

vin has always made it known that his tattoos for xXx and other films have been fake, in 2016 a picture revealed what appeared to be Paul walker eyes tattooed on vis back. although he's never confirmed that tattoo to be real 

Vin is The Most Liked Actor On Facebook

his page has over 96 million likes, beating out will smith who previously held the title and currently has over 70 million likes


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